BIG swell SMALL problem!!

Big SWELL today! But no stress! That just means gonna pack our lunches and boards and take a 45 minute road trip to Big Bay where the wind is offshore and the waves are manageable 🙂 Join us!

Our dog learns to SURF!!

Yesterday was an incredibly beautiful day with perfect learner conditions! Even our surf camp dog Spiggidywicks wanted to try so I took him out. It was unbelievable I never thought I would ever have a dog that wants to get on a surf board but here he is 🙂 We are very...


Say hello to our new little car!! Steffi bought this little bundle of joy as a support vehicle to our surf-mobile fleet! It is a very cute and happy addition to the family 🙂

Rainy Rain Rain!!!

It’s a rainy day this Sunday and it’s also our first year wedding anniversary and my birthday! Considering the crippling water shortages that Cape Town is struggling to emerge from we definitely view this weather as a blessing 🙂 A lot to do today, getting...