This time of year starts to get really exciting for surfing in Cape Town, especially if you are a big wave surfing hellman! It might possibly be true that the surfers in Cape Town have the largest balls in the country. It’s not uncommon to see a 50 something corporate dude rock up at the beach in the wee hours of the morning before work and paddle out into waves that strike the fear of the Lord in you. He normally has a six pack, has not eaten a carb since 2007 and drives a brand new Audi SUV. After a session of big wave surfing it’s off to the office. Good on you mate.

But on a serious note there is a core crew of big wave surfers in Cape Town and it is incredible to see their level of dedication and professionalism. They know what they are doing and it is clear to see that they positively froth for the biggest and scariest waves that Mother Nature throws at them. It is very inspiring to see the moments of a life time of preparation come to fruition on the days of the big waves. Luckily for us at the surf camp we have many options of smaller waves to ride all over Cape Town on the crazy days, but often we will just go and watch the big wave show, right on our doorstep!