Surfs up in Cape Town Again!

After almost 9 months of no in house guests we are stoked to be back in business! We have renovated the property and made some big upgrades. We can’t wait to see you guys back here in Cape Town!

Surf Travel in Cape Town

So President Ramaphosa has announced that we are now in level 2 and that local tourism can begin again. But what does that mean for us and our Surf and Yoga camp in Cape Town? Well we will continue to do surf lessons but 99% of our guests are international travelers, so we are really hoping hard for borders to open soon! So until then our accomodation and yoga packages remain closed. We can’t wait to have the Surf Camp Pumping again!!!

Summer in Cape Town

Summer is here and epic surf sessions are plentiful! This spot is called Muizenberg in Cape Town’s False Bay. It has heaps of surfing culture and some of the best learning and intermediate waves in the world. Come check it out!


Big Wave Surfing

It’s crazy that we have so many different waves right on our doorstep! When the waves get huge in Cape Town we are also able to watch some of the best big wave surfers in the world riding some of the best big waves on the planet. It’s really cool πŸ™‚

Amazing Food!!!!

Food is a huge part of what we do here. WE LOVE FOOD. We eat every meal with our guests so we put all our love into it!! Steffi is a champ makes amazing food for all types of diets.

Surf’s Up In Summer

It’s been fully booked here for a while and it’s awesome! Everyone at the surf cam has been enjoying the summer weather. It’s frikken awesome in Cape Town when everything warms up, the waves calm down and the vibes settle into chill mode. Ah yes, warmth goes a long way to keep the mood happy and motivation high πŸ™‚

Beautiful Surf & Views

Cape Town is FULL of dramatic scenery everywhere you look! I think this is what makes it such a special place. Even if you find yourself in a place where your immediate surrounding are not that great, just look up and you will surely see many awe inspiring mountaintops. It’s wild!! And if you think it’s pretty from the land, wait till you see it from in the water πŸ™‚

The Cape Town Goose Chase

We love to go on the Goose Chase in Cape Town. The Goose Chase means searching for the best waves of the day! Some times we get to one spot and we think ”ah yea nah nah yea nahhh..” then drive to the next spots until we are satisfied that we found the best for the days conditions. The Goose Chase in Cape Town is awesome because it is so beautiful to drive around the Southern Peninsula. We never just go to the same place at the same time everyday regardless of the tides, wind direction and swell size. We try our best to get the right waves πŸ™‚

Spring In Cape Town!

It is now officially Spring in Cape Town, and we are very stoked about that!! Yes we will miss those blissful winter days in Muizenberg, but geez some summer warmth and offshore South Easterlies are very welcome at this pointΒ  πŸ™‚ A whole new world of surf spots opens up this time of year and we are gonna hit it hard!