Surfing in Cape Town

Surfing in Cape Town is an experience ever surfer needs, especially when you are a little new to the sport. This beautiful part of South Africa boasts a huge variety of different waves and also different waves for all levels of surfer. It’s the reason we have set up our surf camp here 🙂

Cape Town Seasons Change

I don’t know if it is an early change in the season but it sure feels Springish his morning. The wind changed from North West to South East and the air has warmed up slightly. This makes our side of the world light up! Perhaps I’, jumping the gun on the weather a bit but I’m just excited to take our guests to our local beaches that are just around the corner and work in the SE winds. Here’s a shot of Eric and I at his last session at Muizenberg before the wind switched, now we are headed to Scarborough!

Crazy Winter Swell!!

Wowzers there is some massive swell hitting Cape Town today!! Peaking at just over 6m with a period of 17 seconds. That basically means frikkin huge!!! But that is all good because we know of a few spots where there waves will be much smaller and very manageable. Oh yes, it’s a glorious winter morning in the Cape 🙂

Luxury Surf Camp Cape Town

Here at Cape Point Surf Yoga Camp in the heart of Cape Town we offer an all-inclusive experience. Luxury accommodation, deluxe meals, 2 surfs per day at the best spots. You get a full surf and yoga camp experience with us 🙂

Epic Surf Sessions In Muizenberg

When that swell has a slight touch of South in it and the wind comes from the North West, surfers all around the Cape know that Muizenberg is going to light up. What is so great about Muizenberg is that it is such a long stretch of beach and can handle many surfers, like, hundreds of surfers. You just take a 200m walk down the beach and you have your own peak. Anyways, when I first started surfing the Berg I thought it was just a soft beginner wave. But now that I have spent time out there I have seen and ridden waves that are of an extremely high quality in shape and size and power. It’s not uncommon to see a 6 ft face that is totally walled up running past you on the bigger days. It gets good! But not deadly 😉

Surfing In Cape Town Intermediate

Cape Town is a hub for excellent surf in the world, especially if you are an intermediate. There are many reasons why it is so suitable but I’l just stick to a couple. The main reason is that there are just so many different wavers for different types of abilities! The cause of these different waves is the great Cape Point that sticks out of Cape Town and gives us two very different coasts that are 10 minutes apart. That is why when the wind blows a certain way and the waves a big we go to one side where they are smaller, if the conditions are smaller and wind opposite we go to the more exposed side. This is great because it gives us such a wide variety of surf breaks and if you are intermediate and looking to really practice your bottom and top turns, Cape Town is the place for you.

Breath Taking Winter Surf In Cape Town

These days of zero wind, super Sunshine and perfect little beach breaks in Cape Town really make up for the more colder and stormy winter days we have in the Cape. It is so beautiful and serene to have these spots so close by and they show off during these winter months. It’s not always sunshine and roses though! The weather is sunshiny and rosy for about 5 days then it totally sh#ts itself for two and we have proper storm surfing conditions, then it’s rosy again for five days then crazy again for another 2. You get the idea!! We take the good with the Wild down here in the Cape 🙂

Stormy Conditions In The Cape

Well this beautiful picture of Muizenberg does not tell the tale of the story today. In fact, picture the total opposite of this! We are in the middle of a massive Cape Storm and we need to find a spot to surf! Muizenberg is definitely the only go today. It will be clean, 1 ft but very heavy offshore. I hope we do not get blown out to sea!!!

Chapman’s Peak Drive

Chapman’s Peak Drive is only 10 minutes away from the Surf Camp and we love to grab a beer and head on up there to see the amazing views!  I took this photo yesterday evening and thought it would be a good one to post. Even in winter we have these beautiful sights to see and high quality waves in Muizenberg. It reminds me that we are blessed to be in Cape Town. For example, just on the other side of the Chapman’s Peak Drive is Hout Bay, which in itself is an awesome attraction very much worth seeing, and we are so close! There is even a lekka food Market in Hout Bay every weekend with live music that we also love to visit. Anyways, if you decide to visit then you will see 🙂

3 Reasons Why Filming Your Surf Is Good

So you are trying to improve your surfing? You are making your take offs 8 out of 10 times and you are cruising down the walls of the waves. Hell, maybe you are even throwing a few cut backs into the mix! But how do you take it to the next level? A very important tip that a wise man once gave me was to try to be conscious while you are surfing a wave. Try to think about exactly what you are doing on the wave while you are riding it. Easier said than done though! That’s where video analysis comes in to make things much easier and clearer.

It’s hard to know what you should be focusing on while you are riding the wave if you have never seen yourself surf. You need to know the parts of your surf that need improvement. So when you watch yourself on camera you 1) See your faults in your surfing stance and can improve on it 2) You see which parts of the wave you are riding on and which parts you should actually be riding on next time and 3) You can analyse and improve all your techniques from streamlining your take offs to making your turns sharper and more purposeful.

This is just scratching the surface of video analysis, the benefits are endless! That is why we are so big on video analysis at our surf camp. Come check us out if you are in Cape Town and see how you can take your surfing to the next level 🙂