WINTER Perfection

Winter is officially here and that is evident by the abundant perfect waves rolling through Muizenberg in Cape Town. I’ve been around the world but can honestly say that I’ve never experienced a run of weather as good as we have had in Cape Town in the last week. Zero wind, no clouds, warm air temp and perfect waves. Everyone is STOKED!!!!

Mountain View Yoga Studio

Mountain view yoga sessions! After an awesome day of offshore winter surfing we love to relax our muscles in our mountain view yoga studio. In the heart of the best surf in Cape Town 🙂 Our studio was built with much purpose and a lot of love. We tried our best to position it such that in the morning session the Cape Town sun illuminates the mountains in front of you. In the evenings, the setting sun casts a beautiful warm red orange glow on the mountain and with the deep blues and purples of the dusk sky contrasting, it makes for an absolutely beautiful view. If you are into a bit of surfing and perhaps giving some yoga a go we might just be the place for you 🙂

Best Surf In Cape Town

We are very lucky to have so much variety in terms of surf spots in Cape Town. If you are an experienced barrel hunting surfer there are tubes on offer for you. On the other hand, if you are just starting out and looking for those long foam waves and gentle green waves, the Surf in Cape Town also has that on offer. We really do our best to match you up with the type of surfing waves that suit your ability. And because there are so any different surf spots so close to us, we are able to do this almost all of the time!

Yoga Lessons in Cape Town

It would be safe to say that yoga is popular in Cape Town. In fact, for many it is a way of life. Some need to practice yoga daily to keep harmony within. Good thing we have built this sweet yoga studio on the property so that we can practice everyday! It is really nice to be staying here and after a day of surfing there is no travel needed to go to yoga classes, we just step up to our peaceful palace and do it 🙂


Perfect Barrels in Cape Town

When a 5m (15ft) at 14 seconds swell pops up on the charts with a lot of west in it, Cape Town surfers know exactly which beach they will be taking a walk down. One of the highest quality beach breaks in the world offers Cape Town surfers perfect waves and an opportunity to ride the barrel of their lives. BUT, as all these surfers know, you have to pay to play. This wave has a monstrous power, energy that is hard to explain as these deep swells from the Southern Ocean explode on to the groomed sand bars of this beach break. You simply have to accept that you will be taking life threatening waves on the head. These surfers are dedicated and have balls of steel. On days like this I wake up and for some reason have a pain in my knee, therefore I prefer to take my camera down the beach 😉

The lighting was difficult yesterday afternoon and I am a full on rookie with my camera so I only got limited footage. But I was still so stoked to check the local surfers put on a barrel show in those big, windy and cold conditions.

Surf and Yoga Combo

Steffi and I are the owners of Cape Point Surf Yoga Camp. Steffi is the Yoga instructor and I am the the Surf instructor. We both have years of experience in our respective fields and we compliment one another. That said,I sure suck at yoga!! I think I’m always looking for excuses when it comes to yoga. I always think ”well Kelly Slater is the master of surf and he only really started yoga later in life.” Hmmm, maybe I will get into it later in life then, but then perhaps I won’t be enjoying the benefits later in life if I did actually get properly into it now. So full of excuses I am!

What’s funny though is I truly believe in the goodness of this combonation. Just take the Legendary Pipe specialist Gerry Lopez for example. He was way ahead of his time when he was doing yoga in his early in the 60s and 70s and charging massive Hawaiian barrels. He has lived a life of yoga (and psychedelics) and is still fit and supple and rips in the water. The flexibility that yoga gives a person directly influences surfing performance. Surfing and yoga go hand in hand. You could probably say that about most sports though and even life. Mentally and physically it is magical and deep thing. Steffi is a highly trained yoga instructor having done some serious courses in Germany. And you know the Germans, super strict and professional! But Steffi brings her own relaxed style into her studio and will make you feel very comfortable.

SURFERS in the Mist!

Surfing in Cape Town at this time of year can be characterized by plenty of mist. However! A salty legendary Kom local told me yesterday that he thought this is the most sea mist we have experienced in the last 20 years. All I know is that it can make surf sessions in Cape Town very interesting!! It is beautiful and different and novel 🙂 Well it’s a stunning morning today, super glassy and WE ARE OUT THERE!!! Come join us 🙂


Muizenberg can easily be considered the mecca of longboarding surf in South Africa. There is an extremely vibrant and healthy local crew of longboarders surfing at Muizenberg in Cape Town. The really awesome part of this is the sheer diversity of riders in this longboarding scene. Fat, thin, young, old, kids, women, oupas, aunties, rich, poor and everything in between. You will find a person from every imaginable walk of life out at the backline of Muizenberg on a day of Southerly swell and North Westerly wind. There are surfers of amazing talent out there and it can be an absolute pleasure to watch. There is also a faction of ‘traditional loggers’ with there massive surf boards with single fins that they dance around on the face of the waves and draw very vintage lines. We often head on down to surf at Muizenberg when the conditions are right, which is most of winter. Between surfs we come back to the surf camp to warm up by the fire and eat delicious lunch 🙂 See ya out there!


If you don’t think surfing can be described as a ‘culture’ then perhaps you have not visited Cape Town! It’s actually quite crazy to see the sheer amount of surfers in the water in Muizenberg when the North Westerly is blowing. Now I’m not saying that the surf in Cape Town is only super crowded, although you can definitely find super crowded spots! But you can also always find a beautiful corner to yourself and your mates. What I’m saying is that you can feel that culture in the water, you can feel the culture in the vibes in the parking lot, in the shit-talking while people are changing in and out of their wetsuits and recounting their rides. It surrounds you. You feel it when you are driving on the roads and every second car has a board strapped to the roof. If you are relatively new to surfing it is easy to be taken in by this culture, and you won’t want to leave!!

On these beautiful winter days it is not uncommon to see the whole family rock up in the Muizenberg parking lot, Mom, Dad, son and two daughters, everyone with sun-bleached blonde hair, except for Dad who is now bald but probably has an 8-pack even though he is in his early 50s. He’s a foiling SUPer, of course. Everyone surfing. Most are just out their doing their best to catch some green waves on their long boards and other are out there trying their best to get their toes on the nose. Then every time you look up you see the the short boarding Muizenberg locals, Paul, Ntando, Ziggy and crew putting down a world-class aerial show for the masses. High flying skills on open display. Then you fall on your next take-off… 🙂

Surf culture is alive and thriving in Cape Town and it is no wonder why it is attracting more and more surfing travelers from abroad, especially Europeans. Come and try it for yourself, there’s a different type of wave for everyone.

Surf Cape Town

Surfing in Cape Town can really be a dream at times.Yes at other times surfing in Cape Town can be extremely cold and windy! BUT, at least on those cold and windy days a surfer can always find an offshore spot. There is never a need to surf in onshore conditions in Cape Town. It is honestly similar to an island. This is all due to the Great Cape Point that slices two oceans in half. So when it is onshore on the one side then it is offshore on the other side. Happy days! And even better is that we are situated slap bang in the middle of the Cape Point. So it is a very quick drive to get to either side of the Cape Point. This gives us fantastic access to a hell of a lot of surf spots, so we can always find surfing waves that suit your abilities. Come check us out!