Muizenberg can easily be considered the mecca of longboarding surf in South Africa. There is an extremely vibrant and healthy local crew of longboarders surfing at Muizenberg in Cape Town. The really awesome part of this is the sheer diversity of riders in this longboarding scene. Fat, thin, young, old, kids, women, oupas, aunties, rich, poor and everything in between. You will find a person from every imaginable walk of life out at the backline of Muizenberg on a day of Southerly swell and North Westerly wind. There are surfers of amazing talent out there and it can be an absolute pleasure to watch. There is also a faction of ‘traditional loggers’ with there massive surf boards with single fins that they dance around on the face of the waves and draw very vintage lines. We often head on down to surf at Muizenberg when the conditions are right, which is most of winter. Between surfs we come back to the surf camp to warm up by the fire and eat delicious lunch 🙂 See ya out there!