When a 5m (15ft) at 14 seconds swell pops up on the charts with a lot of west in it, Cape Town surfers know exactly which beach they will be taking a walk down. One of the highest quality beach breaks in the world offers Cape Town surfers perfect waves and an opportunity to ride the barrel of their lives. BUT, as all these surfers know, you have to pay to play. This wave has a monstrous power, energy that is hard to explain as these deep swells from the Southern Ocean explode on to the groomed sand bars of this beach break. You simply have to accept that you will be taking life threatening waves on the head. These surfers are dedicated and have balls of steel. On days like this I wake up and for some reason have a pain in my knee, therefore I prefer to take my camera down the beach 😉

The lighting was difficult yesterday afternoon and I am a full on rookie with my camera so I only got limited footage. But I was still so stoked to check the local surfers put on a barrel show in those big, windy and cold conditions.