Steffi and I are the owners of Cape Point Surf Yoga Camp. Steffi is the Yoga instructor and I am the the Surf instructor. We both have years of experience in our respective fields and we compliment one another. That said,I sure suck at yoga!! I think I’m always looking for excuses when it comes to yoga. I always think ”well Kelly Slater is the master of surf and he only really started yoga later in life.” Hmmm, maybe I will get into it later in life then, but then perhaps I won’t be enjoying the benefits later in life if I did actually get properly into it now. So full of excuses I am!

What’s funny though is I truly believe in the goodness of this combonation. Just take the Legendary Pipe specialist Gerry Lopez for example. He was way ahead of his time when he was doing yoga in his early in the 60s and 70s and charging massive Hawaiian barrels. He has lived a life of yoga (and psychedelics) and is still fit and supple and rips in the water. The flexibility that yoga gives a person directly influences surfing performance. Surfing and yoga go hand in hand. You could probably say that about most sports though and even life. Mentally and physically it is magical and deep thing. Steffi is a highly trained yoga instructor having done some serious courses in Germany. And you know the Germans, super strict and professional! But Steffi brings her own relaxed style into her studio and will make you feel very comfortable.