Cape Town International Airport is located about 45 minutes away from the Surf Camp. Public Transport in South Africa is not good at all so catching a train or bus to us is not an option. We highly recommend that you download the Uber app before coming to South Africa. Not only is Uber more than half the price of a regular taxi, it also provides many locals with an opportunity to make their own business. It’s super safe and reliable. You normally do not wait more than a few minutes for the Uber and it will cost roughly R400.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this or are unsure about anything 🙂


Email:  steffi@capepointsurfyogacamp.com
Phone and Whatsapp: +27 63 726 4837

17 Grand Bahama Drive
Capri Village
Cape Town, South Africa

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Surfing in Cape Town

Surfing in Cape Town is an experience ever surfer needs, especially when you are a little new to the sport. This beautiful part of South Africa boasts a huge variety of different waves and also different waves for all levels of surfer. It's the reason we have set up...

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Cape Town Seasons Change

I don't know if it is an early change in the season but it sure feels Springish his morning. The wind changed from North West to South East and the air has warmed up slightly. This makes our side of the world light up! Perhaps I', jumping the gun on the weather a bit...

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