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How do I pay?

To book your spot we will send you a payment link for 50% of the total for your stay as a deposit. One week before your arrival we will send another link for the final 50% that must be paid before arrival. Any extra’s (drinks, extra yoga, laundry etc) can be paid for at the end of your stay. We have a card machine and accept cash πŸ™‚

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel your booking 30 days or more before check-in, 75% of the deposit is refunded

  • If you cancel your booking 15 to 30 days before check-in, 50% of the deposit is refunded

  • If you cancel less than 15 days before check in, no refund

  • Surfing is a sport that is entirely dependent on the weather. Although we operate in a location that is very consistent, sometimes the weather and ocean simply do not let us surf. If this is the case that this happens and you are unable to do one or more of your surf sessions you will not be refunded for those missed sessions and will not be able to stay longer to make up for those sessions. But don’t stress!!! This almost never happens and if it does there are so many awesome things to do in Cape Town. We would then do a mini Peninsula Tour or visit the Penguins or just do something fun πŸ™‚

How do I get to the Surf Camp from the Airport?

Cape Town International Airport is located about 45 minutes away from the Surf Camp. Public Transport in South Africa is not good at all so catching a train or bus to us is not an option. We highly recommend that you download the Uber app before coming to South Africa. Not only is Uber more than half the price of a regular taxi, it also provides many locals with an opportunity to make their own business. It’s super safe and reliable. You normally do not wait more than a few minutes for the Uber and it will cost roughly R400.

How does Check in and Arrival day work?

Checkin is from 2pm. If you have an early flight or have to be a bit earlier just let us know and we will make sure someone is at the surf camp to check you in πŸ™‚ There is NO surfing on arrival day. But yoga is at 16:30pm so please arrive before then to join the yoga. Dinner is at 6pm πŸ™‚

How does it work on check out day?

On your last day you join for the 2 surf session. Before you go to the beach in the morning we will ask you to move your belongings out of your room so that we will be able to clean the room for next arrivals. However, you are still very welcome to use the showers in the shared bathroom when you get back from the surf. Yoga is not included on your last day.

We have a card machine so if you had some drinks or did laundry you can settle your bill before you leave πŸ™‚

What is the schedule for each day?

Normally breakfast is at 8am. We watch surf clips from the previous day for analysis at this time. Then at 9am we go to the beach. We suit up and surf. Then we break for our packed lunch and rest a little bit. Then we are back in the water for another surf session. After this we come back to the surf camp and the time is normally between 14:20pm and 15:00pm. Yoga is then at 16:30pm and Dinner is served at 18:00pm.

What level of surfer is the Surf Camp good for?

From Beginner to Intermediate we are right for you. If you have never ever touched a surfboard we will be stoked you from the beginning πŸ™‚

If you have done a few surf lessons or even been to a couple of surf camps before, or maybe you are now trying to catch green waves by yourself then we are the right choice for you. We LOVE green waves and we really try our best to maximise time in Green Waves, but this is also dependant on the conditions Mother Nature provides. We teach speed control, front side and backside turning and introduce you to manoeuvres such as Closeout Floaters. We do this to our best abilities according to the conditions that we experience from Mother Nature. If you are looking to do a freakin’ LOT of surfing, have great guidance and goals to improve your surfing skills and also not have to think about cooking for yourself or transport or any organizing then we are stoked to have you join us and we are perfect for you! Lots of Good vibes, LOTS of surfing and constant improvement in your surfing is our game πŸ™‚

When is the best time of year to Surf in Cape Town?

We are blessed with waves all year long in Cape Town. We are so far South and exposed to swell that we almost never have no waves. It’s mostly the opposite! Generally from November to March we experience more onshore wind conditions and lovely warm weather. From April to October we have offshore wind conditions more commonly. The weather is a bit colder but the wave quality for intermediate surfers is likely to be better.

What surfboards do we have?

We have many different types of surfboards. Our Soft Top range is from 8’0 to 9’0. For hardboards we use Mid Length Minimal Thrusters ranging from 7’6, 7’8, 8’0, 9’0, 9’2. We also have have older custom midlength shapes from 7’2, to 7’6. All of which are Thrusters (3 fin setup). Generally we like to ride boards with a little bit more length at spots like Muizenberg. We do not use β€œFish” surfboards.

What Spots do we surf?

About 85% of the time we surf at Muizenberg Beach. It is just such a versatile surf spot that offers waves for all levels of surfer. If you are a beginner it is perfect and if you are starting to catch green waves and practising riding down the line it is a great spot. Even on the windy onshore days you can get green wave reformers if you try hard enough. If the conditions look better somewhere else for the surf camp group then we will change surf spots. But mostly Muizenberg.

What must I bring for my stay at the Surf Camp?

Bring suncream and a bathing suit πŸ™‚ We have towels and all the equipment πŸ™‚


Please send us an email, Steffi is the email MASTER and will get back to you right away πŸ™‚ The contact box goes straight to our email πŸ™‚

Phone: +27 63 726 4837Β 

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Capri Village
Cape Town, South Africa

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