We take videos of you surfing to analyse technique and then you can have this footage for free 🙂

So you want to get the best waves Cape Town has to offer? Me too! There is nothing more I froth for than riding perfect waves. Cape Town can be tricky if you want to find the right spot for the conditions of the day, so to cruise with a local helps big time! It’s also fun to froth out over good waves with someone else 🙂

The geography of Cape Town is extremely unique. The mountainous and imposing Cape Point slices the two oceans in half and creates a perfect environment for surf. This means that it is always offshore on one of the sides and even in between there are incredible little setups. if you know where to look…


Experience the deep complimentary force of the surf and yoga combination. We have two surf sessions per day, where ever the waves are cooking. Lucky for us we are in the best location to the best surf spots in Cape Town! In the afternoon we bring our energy back into our bodies through yoga and prepare for the surf the next day. And hey, if the waves are forecasted to be the best in the afternoon we can switch up and do early morning yoga first. We take it all as it comes 🙂 Have a little read about the package below, we do all the same things in a day PLUS we do yoga.



Let’s go and find the best waves of the day, it’s simple, we wake up, coffee, eat, find the waves, surf, rest, light lunch, surf, dinner, hang out, sleep. We check forecasts constantly so that the night before we usually know which surf spot we will go to the next morning. Depending on conditions we may go very early and have an energy bar and coffee on the way, then hit up a tasty breakfast when we are home again. After a bit of refuelling we go out for a second session to where ever the waves will be best, not always at the same spot as the first session. We will really try our very best to score the right waves in the right place. After our second session it’s always nice to grab a beer at a local bar or go check out a sunset spot with some friends. There’s so much to see in Cape Town and we want to show you the best parts.



Phone and Whatsapp: +27 63 726 4837

17 Grand Bahama Drive
Capri Village
Cape Town, South Africa

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